Back in the swing of things

After having what feels like forever without doing any kind of school work, I sat down at lunchtime to get on with some bits before I go back to school... 4 hours later I'm still sat at my desk having not done a single thing. I always knew there was a reason I never stopped working, it's because once you stop it's really hard to get started again.

Ways to get back in the swing of things 
  1. Don't look at social media 
  2. Make a to do list to put it in context (but only ONE) 
  3. Drink more water (gets your brain active) 
  4. Motivational playlist (but don't spend 5 hours making one) 
Fingers crossed I snap out of it soon, I have quite a lot to do before school!

Is anyone else finding the post christmas push a little harder than usual?

Xoxo TW

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