My year in review...

It's that time of the year when everyone is looking back over what they've done so not to be left out I thought I'd have a go too!


My fabulous grandma turned 70! So we celebrated (of course) by going to a brassiserie in covenr garden which was lovely! the best bit was t was a complete surprise!

I spent most of feb with my head in a book (shocker) as my school decided to put our mocks (midterms) in our feb half term. So a lot of revising and nothing else to report

I went to Harry Potter Studios for my little sisters birthday which was AMAZING! I highly recommend it. Oh and I got netflix...BIG MISTAKE (name that movie) which was fantastic and I love it but it was starting to have a huuuge impact on the amount of sleep I was getting so alas Netflix and I parted ways.

Possibly the most exciting thing all year, April was the month I went to LA! My family and I went on a two week holiday and stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Huntingdon Beach, my best holiday by far! Made so many happy memories....*wimpers* take me back!!

Again we're back to exams! I only had two this year which is nice but neverthless it was still stressful. Straight after my exams I got on a ferry and went ot visit my grandparents in the south of france for a week which was so nice to see them! (not a bad way to spend a week either)

This is the month Leo graced our screens again as Gatsby was finally released! However that was slighly overshadowed by the fact that my ex boyfriend and I after splitting up for 8 months finally got back together and we're still oh so happy. <3 That was followed by said boyfriends sisters wedding, (nothing says thrown back in at the deep end like a big family wedding!) A fabulous month!

It's starting to sound like I'm a winter hermit and only come out in the summer ( I just had a busy summer this year promise!) In July I went to see Robbie Williams live @ Wembley! A truly amazing experience an incredibly inspirational performer. Then my family and I were invited to a royal gala at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the anniversary of the queens coronation, an awe inspiring afternoon. A life moment to remember.
Later that month I was the lead in my school's production of Anything Goes, absolutely loved the cast, made some great friends and the show was great!

As the school holidays settled in things died down a bit and weren't as busy, I went to lovely Barcelona for a break with my family. Got my year 1 a level results back and finally learnt to ride a bike! At the end of the summer I passed my theory drivers test and went to a festival called fusion with some friends.

I got a job at my local boots which took up most of my september. Other than that I went to covent garden for a photoshoot with my best friend which was so much fun and just generally settled back into school work.

This was the month I turned 18, I had an amazing party with all my friends we had a massive firework display in my back garden, and then for my actual birthday my parents kidnapped (not really) me and took me and my family along with my fabulous boyfriend to Paris for the day! My grandparents also got the train up for the day and surprised me too! I will never forget my fabulous birthday in Paris!

Again this month was spent working... a lot! I took on extra shifts at work so that kept me very occupied, but when I wasn't at work I was celebrating my best friends 18th birthday! Revising lots and trying to apply to university!

Finally as December rolled round I'd finally finshed my university application and submitted on the 11/12/13 (good luck I thought) and so far I've had offers from 3/5 of my choiced! Fingers crossed I'll keep you posted. Boyfriend and Best Friend both passed their driving tests! clever things , and I like the lucky devil I am got my christmas present early......a CAR! My parents bought me a little peugeot 206 in silver and I love her! Even though I can't drive I will be learning very very soon!

Having spent christmas with my family and my puppies I'm feeling very relaxed and am looking forward to 2014! I might do a separate post on whats coming up in 2014.. Hmmm perhaps :)

Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Xoxoxo TW

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