Woman vs. Workload : THE REVIEW

Good Evening lovely readers!
So about 2 weeks ago I wrote a post called woman vs. workload. It was a self confession of how busy my week would be. I had 3 challenges and I hate to sound smug but I completed them all to wonderwoman standard. So here's the review

1. The Shoebox Appeal
 As you read before I was in charge of the shoebox appeal for my school this year, it was a long, painfully stressful process but we did it! 114 boxes all crammed with goodies ready to go to the orphans of Belarus! *karma bank feeling very full indeed*

2. Media and English Deadlines
Ok so I didn't quite finish as much as I'd hoped but I got a fair amount done and with only a week to go until my final deadlines I'm suprisingly calm! Fingers crossed!!!

3. The small matter of my 18th Birthday!!
Well excuse the birthday pun but this really was the icing on the cake! So the weather on the night was a little miserable but other than that the whole night was amazing :) as for my actual birthday ... well ! There will be an entire post to follow :)

So there we have it! Women 1 - Workload - 0

Let me know if you'd like me to more of these posts in the future.

Xoxo TW

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