Woman vs. Workload

So as I'm lying in bed on a Sunday night contemplating the week ahead I start to panic and wonder how the hell I'm going to pull this off! It's the last week of the autumn term and I have so much to do!!

1. The shoebox appeal 
I'm running the shoebox appeal at my school this year, for those of you who don't know the shoebox appeal is when a group of people fill a shoebox with essentials and goodies and send them through a designated charity to underprivileged children all over the world who won't get Christmas presents this year. It's a great cause but it comes with great responsibility, I've got 5 days to collect, filter and wrap 100 shoeboxes. 

2. Media and English deadlines 
Thankfully I have already made a big dent in each of these so fingers crossed those  will happen without a hitch and will all work out before term ends! 

3. My birthday 
Now other than the fact I know I'm having an autumnal themed party on Saturday I have nothing else planned for this party, no official invitations, no food/music/entertainment and I also have 5 days to do that in aswell...

So yes busy week I'll report back on Saturday morning wether I got it all done. Fingers crossed!! 

What will you acheive this week? 

Xoxo TW

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