Summertime Sadness

So summer is officially over :( no more late night BBQ's and warm breezes. I had a fabulous summer, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite memories...
1. Learning to ride a bike and subsequently completing an 18km bike ride all within a week! I'm so in love with my bike I can't bare to part with it this winter! I felt like a 60's beauty queen on my gorgeous beach cruiser bike, takes me back to holiday in LA. 
2. Next has to be Barcelona! I wrote this post when I came back, but Barcelona is one of those cities that you just get lost in both mentally and physically. 
3. Fusion Festival, the last weekend of summer my best friends and I all piled onto a train and headed up to fusion festival for the day, what an amazing way to end summer! I'm a sucker for live music, it just has a magic way of pulling me in and lifting my spirits. 

But alas summer has to end sometime, so it's time to put away the bikinis and bring out the snoods and boots! I'll love autumn as much as I did summer, maybe more, but I moment of reflection on what was a great couple months is well deserved. 

TW Xoxo 

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