To Do list

I love to do lists they are one of my faveourite declutter methods, so simple and easy to look at so today I'm sharing my method to to do lists and a few little ways I like to stay organised.
This gorgeous hardbound notebook is what I use to keep all my to do lists and daily thoughts in, I bought it from TK Maxx about a year ago with some birthday money and I love it. From what I remember it was really inexpensive but it's such stunning quality.

This is what a standard page in this book looks like, to do list on one side and when I'm trying ot complete a task from the list if it's a creative project or just something that needs thinking out then I'll make a mindmap so help document my thoughts.
Anouther way I  like to keep organised is that I'll do this once a week. Normally on a monday, I'll split a page down the middle one side for school one side for home, and I'll write a rough list of everything I need to complete that week. (Also helps me keep a balance and a little perspective too)

How do you plan to stay organised this coming school year? 

Xoxo TW

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