Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays! It's the perfect day to sleep in late and just relax before the week ahead. I'm going to take you through my favourite ways to make Sundays just that little bit lazier...
1. Breakfast- when and if you wake early enough to call it breakfast I like to make something yummy and different compared to the normal day to day breakfasts I have during the week. So this might be pancakes/waffles/smoothies/muffins anything that Pinterest can offer me :) 
2. Loungewear - a very American term which basically means that middle ground between pajamas and actual clothes. So kind of socially acceptable pajamas if you like? My personal "loungewear" of choice is normally yoga trousers as either a hoodie/dance t shirt or cami (weather dependant of course) 
3. Somekind of pampering- just spending half an hour giving yourself a bit of TlC can brighten your outlook on the week ahead. I like to give myself a mani/pedi? But I sometimes change it up and have a long soak in the bath? Maybe a hair mask or at home facial. Just looking after yourself can make you feel a lot more relaxed and prepared. 
4. Nothingness- my absolute favouritest thing about lazy Sundays... Doing nothing! Wether it be window shopping online or catching up on TV (pretty little liars has been my latest TV obsession) but it's having the time even if it's only a couple hours to do a little bit of nothing? I love it makes me feel very calm! 

So what do you like to do on your lazy Sundays? 

Xoxo TW

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