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So I know I probably should have done this sooner but I'm writing some posts to put away for a rainy day so when I go back to school I can have something to put up if iI get busy. So I'm going to answer some questions about me, here goes!

About me
1. Do you have any siblings?  Yes, I have one younger sister.
2. How old are you? I'm currently 17, my birthday is on the 30th of October.
3. What's your height? I'm about 5 ft 6"
4. What's your dress size? I'm an english size 10 but it can differ depending on the shop.
5. Do you have any pets? Yes I have a goldfish called bubbles and two gorgeous maltese shih-tzu puppies.

Beauty & Fashion
1. heels or flats? Flats for the win but sometimes I'll wear heels.
2. Faveourite makeup brand? probably maybelline or elf? you just can't fault cheap and cheerful
3. At what age did you start wearing makeup? I started off with a mineral foundation from L'oreal when I was about 12/13? (I had horrible acne and it helped my confidence since I was only young)
4. What's your desert island product? Mascara! I have long lashes but they are very blonde so a good black mascara for sure.
5. What's your worst beauty habit? My eyebrows, I get lost I never really do anything with them and they're a little unruly at times.

1.  Faveourite Film? Paris when it sizzles (it's an old hepburn movie)
2. Faveourite book? The Great Gatsby
3. Sweet or Savory? hmmm sweet!
4. Faveourite TV program? either gossip girl OR pretty little liars
5. Faveourite place you've visisted? New York, absolutely incredible place I'd go back tomorrow!

So there you have it! A little bit more about me, if you'd like to know more please leave your comments in comments box.

Xoxo TW

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