Dress To Impress

My school has a dress code of buiness casual which only 1% actually stick too, last time I checked where skinny jeans buisness appropriate? (I didn't think so either) but I pride myself on looking smart and sticking to the dress code. My reasoning being that if I want teachers to treat me seriously then I have to look like I care, if I walk into a lesson looking like I've just got out of bed and have made 0 effort then I'm not setting the impression of a student who wants to be taken seriously and achieve high.

So with that in mind I'm going to include below some examples/inspiration of women who have well and truly dressed to impress. 

So as you can probably tell, pencil skirts are one of my faveourite buisness casual peices for school, they're comfortable, smart whilst still looking feminine in a classy way.

What's your opinion on buisness dress in schools?

these are not my photos - all credit given
Xoxo TW

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