Top Tips for Exam Success

Good Morning!
Thankfully I've just finished my AS exams last week so I'm all done with exams for the summer but I know a lot of you are still working hard so I decided to compile a list of my top 10 tips for exams. I'm no expert and it's taken years to realize how simple exam prep can be.

1. Sleep  - it's as simple as it sounds. You need your brain to learn and your brain need sleep! *this doesn't mean having an early night the day before your exam either* You need consistent sleep for at least 7/8 hours a night so that you can store and remember all that knowledge you need.
2. Water, water, water - Again another one that I'm sure has been rammed down your throat since day one, but I hate to say it but, it really works. It's refreshing it keeps you focused and it stops you from getting that sleepy/lazy/can't be bothered feeling.
3. Know the basics - to me this is the biggest thing I learn is that knowing the basics for an exam will make you instantly feel more prepared. EG. do you know how long the exam is? what the assessment criteria is? do you know how the exam is split up? what kind of questions you're likely to find?. Knowing all this is going to make you feel more confident and prepared when you walk into the exam room. PS. try and find out those answers as early in the school year as you can. 
4.Be a little selfish - this is the time to knuckle down on what's important to you. If you set aside a free lesson to revise. REVISE. Try not to get distracted by other, and the night before an exam don't stay up till midnight texting its just going to leave your brain exhausted and you won't have as much energy.
5. Ask for help - I know its not an easy thing to do, but if you don't know how to do something go and find a teacher and ask for help. They'll be impressed that you took the initiative to ask.
6. Don't waste time - Simple but this is a huge skill to learn. Use your time effectively, if you're going to actually do some work then do the work. However if you sit down at your desk knowing you're going to spend the next 2 hours googling kittens instead of revising, (true story) maybe you'd be better off having the afternoon off? Don't sit in between either revise and actually learn something or relax. It's a much healthier way to revise.
7. Start early - don't worry i'm not talking about making flashcards at 4am, I mean start revising early like 2 months early. The sooner you start the better position you'll be in when your friends are cramming the night before and you've prepared yourself. Put time on your side.
8. Work Smart - If mind maps don't help you learn then don't make them! focus on what learning techniques work best for you (post to follow soon) . My favorite way was to once a week do a past/practice paper and then find out where the gaps in my knowledge are and go from there. Please don't spend 2 months learning the same subtopic, spread out your time and make sure to cover everything.
9. Don't panic - Ironic coming from someone who has panic disorder but keeping calm is the best thing you can do to add to the chance of exam success. I tend to put myself in a bubble about a week before and try and tune out when everyone around my starts stressing out. It helps. Fact. Keeping calm means more information will go in and actually stay there and keeping calm on the actual day means you're likely to remember more.
10. Have a lil faith - Believing in your ability to pass the exam is a must, it keeps you going when you're fed up of revision and actually you are probably going to do better if you have a little faith that actually it's going to be OK and I'm going to rock that exam.

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